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Roulette Gang Run

$35.00 / Sold Out

This gang run is a bit of a mystery!! Surrender to the gang run team!! We promise to treat your art right.

You will receive option A or option B- there's no way to tell which you will receive and no sorry we will not allow you to pick. It's a gamble! Both of these options take double the time to produce than a normal gang run, and a lot more materials- but we are NOT upping the price, which makes this run that much cooler for our gang run peeps like you.

Option A:
$35, 100 DIE CUT weatherproof vinyl screen printed stickers in an array of vinyl colors and ink colors. That means lots of variety and stickers that are ready to put up or package for your peeps. Die cut means we custom draw a cut line that follows the edge of your piece of artwork, and feed the stickers through a machine that cuts them out through the vinyl layer AND backing layer for some super clean stickers.

Option B:
$35, 100 TWO LAYER uncut weatherproof vinyl screen printed stickers in an array of vinyl colors and ink colors. What do we mean by "two layer" printed?? That means we will custom draw a "fill" layer that gets printed below your artwork and fits your artwork uniquely. This could be a halftone layer, a grunge layer, a clean flat layer, we aren't even sure yet!! But it'll be cool. What you get then are THREE color stickers. You have the vinyl color, then a layer of colored ink, then your artwork on top in yet another color of ink. Ultra variety and POP contrast.

This is an UNLIMITED GANG RUN!! That means as long as you purchase your slots before the art deadline below, you will be guaranteed your stickers. We are picking who gets what option lottery style, so again, it'll be a complete surprise which method of printing you will receive.

****HOWEVER.... if you buy more than one slot... you are guaranteed BOTH options!! Best of both worlds. You can send two pieces of art or have the same piece of art applied to both options with a two-slot purchase. Disclaimer: if you buy two slots and send two pieces of art you cannot pick which piece goes in which option :) sowwyyyyy. Gotta have SOME mystery ;)

Sticker print area is 2.5 by 2.5 inches

One piece of artwork per slot! Buy as many slots as you like!

Submit your artwork to rxgangrun@gmail.com and include the name associated with the address in your paypal account. (NAME, not email)

Artwork DUE before Friday February 7th at 8pm pacific time. Please send sooner if you can, it'll give us a head start and get you all your stickers all the quicker.

Please send us black and white files- it's required for creating the screen since we're printing these by hand. PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF files. 300 resolution. 1 image per slot. Black and white means pure black and white- no grey and no shading unless it is cross hatching or dots.

Please remember these are printed by hand, not by a machine- we cannot print crazy detailed designs. If you are unsure whether your artwork is too detailed for screen printing, feel free to DM us at @rxgangrun and we will give you our opinion :)

If you forget to email me your artwork before the deadline you will not receive a refund or your stickers.

Are you local!? Wanna avoid shipping?? You may pick them up from PDXCHANGE when we post they are ready as long as you state clearly in your artwork email "I'M LOCAL, I WANT LOCAL PICKUP" We will refund 100% of your shipping that gets auto-tacked onto this order in your sticker bag. We will alert you on Instagram via the @rxgangrun account when the stickers are ready to pick up

PLEASE... be sure to check your the weekend of the 8th. We usually don't start working our way through the hundreds of art emails until after the run has closed, If there are any changes that need to be made or the file format is wonky my apprentice MsToofAche will need to be able to contact you. Don't send us weird web files like Gifs, DON'T pull your artwork off the internet. I'm not responsible for forfeit spots due to corrupt files that will not open. This happens EVERY gang run, please don't let it be you!! Please also be patient with hearing back from us, she will indeed email you confirmation that we received your image but it could be anytime between when you submit and Sunday evening the 9th...

-If I forget to send my artwork- why won't you refund me?

Sadly a few ruin this for the rest. When I began doing gang runs a few years ago, I would refund people when they forgot to send me artwork. This taught people it was okay to purchase slots and then decide later if they wanted to do the run or not. Many people banked on the fact that they could get their money back and the amount of time I spent collecting and entering their information into my log sheets and setting up templates to only be shafted in the end is not something I can do over and over. Accountability is important, and I only want serious people involved in the runs.

-Why don't you cut out the stickers?

I have a sticker cutting machine, but it requires wide margins of blank vinyl space, registration marks, and specific restrictive vinyl colors and ink colors. It wastes a lot of material and take a very long time to feed each sheet individually into the machine. It would drastically increase the price of the runs and the amount of time to finish them if we cut them out. It would also render a lot of the creative themes we do completely impossible. Keeping them uncut maintains a low price point and a quick turnaround- not to mention cool unique themes.

-Why can't I send you images pulled off my instagram page or the internet?

When you upload an image to to the internet, like via social media, the image is automatically compressed to a smaller file size and resolution. It may look crystal clear on your phone but when I zoom in to begin getting it "print ready", it is very very pixelated and loses tons of detail. Crystal clear screen resolution is 72 dpi, crystal clear print resolution is 300 dpi. So send me original scans or digital files that are 300 resolution :)