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Kiss Cut Colorful Circle-Tastic Shotgun Gang Run

$35.00 / Sold Out

100 2.5 by 2.5 inch circle kiss cut screen printed vinyl stickers.
Vinyl: Pastel Orange, Golden yellow, Brimstone yellow, Soft pink, Cream, White, Clear. Offset pink underlays with black and blue inks on top.
Only 40 slots available.

All designs will be kiss cut into CIRCLES!! If you want to send me a circle file- awesome! If you don't have a way of cropping your artwork into a circle- have no fear! I will do it for you!! If you send a square or long skinny design please realize I will be cropping the artwork to fit into a circle. If you cannot send me a circle design you will be trusting me to crop it for you- I will not have the time to send proofs/mockups back and forth.

Artwork DUE before Tuesday July 10th at 8pm pacific time.

After you purchase your slot, email me your artwork to arrexstore@gmail.com
Along with your artwork in the email, include the name associated with the address in your paypal account. (NAME, not email)

Please send me black and white files- it's required for creating the screen since I'm printing these by hand. PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF files. 300 resolution. 1 image per slot.

If you forget to email me your artwork before the deadline you will not receive a refund or your stickers.

Sorry no local pickup for these ones, mailing them flat rate domestic.