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Circle Keychains


These keychains are handmade by yours truly. I designed the stamp and the leather die myself. I stamp them, cut them out, and rivet them in my shop!

For now, I'm releasing it in three colorways: natural veg tan, yellow, black.

Please note- Natural veg tan will patina HARD. It will change a lot with time, embrace that shit! Beat it up! Send me photos of how it changes!! This is the rad thing about leather. There is some variety in veg tan leathers that I used for these so each one is a little different.

The yellow and black versions are hand dyed and sealed with a acrylic sealant so they won't patina in the same way- but they will change as well. The dye will definitely fade, especially with lots of sun exposure.

Please note- when these sell out, they won't sell out forever. I'll be making them forever, just in small batches :)