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Rx Teeth Bandana


2021 update on the Rx Teef Bandana!
Been making these for about ten years now and every couple years it gets a tweak. This year it got a HUGE upgrade with an all over print.
As always we have a choice of two teefers depending on which side you wear it.
We have a skeleton medley so you can sport one on your chest and on the sides of your face. If you fold it right you can hang a tooth chonk out your back pocket!

I recommend washing this before wearing. We've used what are called "discharge" inks which is really not an ink at all. It bleaches the design into the bandana by removing the pigment dye in the fabric. This means after a single wash you'll notice it's super soft and comfy on your face :)

Only 250 of this design and then it gets retired forever for a new version to emerge!