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Chonky Boi Rx Skull Mini Keychain


YO! Mini Keychains as to not bulk you down but still pimp out your keys.
They are stamped, cut, riveted, and hand dyed by me on natural vegetable tanned leather.
Please be aware that these will 100% fade and patina and work in with time! The more you use them, the softer and harder they will antique. Embrace it! This is what makes leather so cool!

Take off the keyring and make it a necklace ;)

Colors from top down

Yellow/Orange Stripe
Rainbow ($2 more, these take forever)
Natural (different types of natural veg used!)
Mystery (second photo, sorry no picking)

Shipping- I package these in a poly bubble mailer, with a few free uncut stickers. Lowest price I can do for these domestic is First Class Parcel- which is right around $3.50. International is sadly $13.50. Sorry guys, I don't make up these numbers.