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Rx WheatPaste Bucket Bag!


Collaborative project between me and BlaqPaks!!

For the avid wheat paster who wants an "on the go" efficiency.

This bag was designed by Rx and handmade by BlaqPaks right here in Portland Oregon. The main compartment fits a 5 gallon bucket and the two outer pockets fit gloves, rags, some wadded up posters, and a brush!!

The idea is you line the pocket with a plastic bag, and you can shove your brush in there between spots to keep it from swimming around in your bucket. The outer pockets may look a bit silly but trust me, this bag has been through multiple iterations and those big pockets are absolutely essential for ease of use with that brush going in and out spot to spot.

The bag hangs across your shoulder to keep both hands free between spots. This bag is amazing for traveling, we tested it thoroughly for two weeks abroad walking miles every day. The last thing you want to do is drag a 20+ pound bucket by the little metal/plastic handle all day long. I squash this bag flat in my baggage when traveling, and buy a bucket and brushes when I get to my destination!

Besides being made by hand, this item is guaranteed FOR LIFE. If anything breaks, let us know and BlaqPaks will fix it free of charge, forever!

Does NOT come with bucket :)
Please allow a couple weeks to ship as these are made to order