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The Rx Meta Pack Sticker Zine

$10.00 / Coming Soon

I will hazard the claim that this is the first ever zine that has sticker pages of removable labels that in themselves instruct one how to peel and apply vinyl adhesives... lols. Everything in this booklet is a sticker that you can remove and place onto items of your choice- the text and the images themselves. Make a diagram on your laptop! Or do an instructional combo on your water bottle! Or just keep it as a little booklet!

These zines are screen printed and assembled by hand. Very DIY but sacrificing noooo quality. The zines are 3.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

Trust me the irony is not lost on me that technically you cannot actually follow the steps in this zine to peel the stickers from the zine pages, given they are kiss cut. lol. For that reason, every zine will come with a couple die cut skull stickers so that you can test your new found sticker peeling strategy ;)