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$35.00 / Sold Out

SHORT DEADLINE for this one!! Artwork DUE tomorrow Tuesday Sept 19th by 8 pm PST!!!

We used to do these a lot but haven't in ages... these surprise gang runs are fun mini runs we like to knock out super quick between our normal workloads of custom personal sticker jobs (which are always available by the way)

This run is simple- Blue, Purple, and Black inks on CLEAR vinyl! Single layer printing.

Sticker slots have a 2.5 by 2.5 inch space to fit your artwork, you get 100 weatherproof UNCUT hand screen printed vinyl stickers for $35. One piece of artwork per slot.

UNLIMITED SLOTS!!! :) Buy as many as you like, they won't sell out before the art deadline.

Feel free to DM us on instagram at @rxgangrun with questions or thoughts concerning your submission!! We will be monitoring the DM's through this period.

Submit your artwork to [email protected] and include the name associated with the address in your paypal account. (NAME, not email)

Again, artwork DUE BEFORE Tuesday Sept 19th at 8pm pacific time. Please send sooner if you can tho, it'll give us a head start and get you all your stickers all the quicker.

Are you local?! Do you NOT wanna pay for shipping?? Wanna grab em in town!?
TWO things please:
1.) Use code "LOCALPICKUP" before purchase. This removes the shipping cost from your order. (This code is ONLY for gang runs, not individual orders of my personal merch, sorry)
2.) Write in your artwork email "I WANT LOCAL PICKUP"
We will post on social media via the @rxgangrun IG account when they are ready to collect at PDXchange on Mississippi street!! Please check their new hours before popping by.

PLEASE... be sure to check your email periodically! We usually don't start working our way through the art emails until after the run has closed, If there are any changes that need to be made or the file format is wonky my team member MsToofAche will need to be able to contact you. Don't send us weird web files like Gifs, DON'T pull your artwork off the internet. Please also be patient with hearing back from us, she will indeed email you confirmation that we received your image but it could be a solid week after you submit your artwork as it does take a lot of time to work through all the art, and we like to do it all at once after the run has been closed.

-WHY oh WHY won't you refund me if I forget to send in my artwork!??

We have for years, but sadly the frequency of it is getting out of hand. People will routinely purchase slots and not send artwork. This is much like a "no call no show" with a tattoo artist for example. Now the tattooer loses a day's work and it's too late to schedule a last minute client. They are out that day's income. When we have lots of people forget to send art, we have to send back lots of money we were counting on to make the print run possible. We also now have lots of holes in our print run that could have gone to people who really wanted in but maybe there wasn't space for them. Our no refund policy hopes to deter the forgetfulness of people. We WANT you in the run if you bought a slot!! Set phone alarms, write a sticky note and put it on your front door! Please note- if you DO forget, your money is not just going into our pockets for nothing. That doesn't feel right. Your forgotten slot will go to doubling someone else's stickers on our gang run who did send in. So the silver lining will be that you are supporting another artist and surprising them with a fun gift of double the goodies. Thanks for understanding.

-Why can't I send you images pulled off my instagram page or the internet?

When you upload an image to to the internet, like via social media, the image is automatically compressed to a smaller file size and resolution. It may look crystal clear on your phone but when Toof zooms in to begin getting it "print ready", it is very very pixelated and loses tons of detail. Crystal clear screen resolution is 72 dpi, crystal clear print resolution is 300 dpi. So send us original scans or digital files that are 300 resolution :)