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Skullptures Small Clear Resin


Get what ya get!! As in, a pick between transparent orange or pink. I have a few of these, they come with clear 3M adhesive strips on the back! Unsigned cause I don't wanna mess up the transparent look!!
These guys are unpainted and cheaper :)

Comes in a little spray painted canvas baggy!

This is my first batch, I'm still learning :) You will notice inconsistencies with the casting, some bubbles here and there, a few of the teeth may be not fully formed... know this going in! Personally... I think it makes them all a bit cooler not being perfect :)

These bagged skulls will be packed in kraft paper and shipped in a small box to keep them safe. While they are light and small, this packaging makes the shipping a bit more expensive. $10 to ship.
Abroad friends, I'm sorry... it's awful right now, a small box is easily $20-30 these days which is why I've split the difference at $25 to ship em. Good thing the skulls are so well priced right!? wink wink lol