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Rx Poison Wood Cuts

$35.00 / Sold Out

These babies are laser cut and etched wood pieces that will cluster together or sit nicely alone in your house or studio :)

All painted by hand with acrylic. All are unique.

A couple command strips and you are good to go, they are very light.
They are 6 ish inches tall, slight variations.

Most are $35, if you see an increase in price it's because those ones are resin coated. They are ten bucks more.
#5 is resin coated and quite a bit larger, it's $50
#6-#8 are hand painted by my wife Mrs.Skulls. Rather than painting the etched areas and brayer rolled with black on top, she meticulously painted the top layer with a brush and left much of the wood exposed. Easily five times the work, and resin coated. These are $45.

These ship in a box as they are a bit fragile.