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Movie Chonk Pack


Celebrate 7 of my favorite films with this cinematic skeletal sticker pack!
This pack includes skeletons that represent the following movies:
Uncut Gems
A Clockwork Orange
Swiss Army Man
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Lighthouse

You also get a trading card for each of these films that has a bit of info on the movie and the full color skeleton design.

You get an extra trading card explaining the project and an extra sticker of a chonk holding a VHS tape.

Please note a few things about this pack:
-Color variations will vary slightly from what is pictured here
-These are printed by hand and registration of color layers will also vary a bit meaning things don't always line up perfectly as if they were digital :) Embrace the happy mistakes!
-Lastly, I'm still dialing in my new cutting machine and a couple of these stickers may have been cut a little deeper than what is ideal. This does not effect the quality of the sticker at all. This just makes them a little harder to peel, so be patient, go slow, bend/fold the sticker at the edge and roll your finger lightly over the vinyl to separate it from the backing :) Feel free to DM me for tips if you get a particularly difficult one!