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$15.00 / Coming Soon

First ever pack of my fun new skeleton chonks!
Been having a lot of fun with this wonky chonky little hangy skeleton dude!
You get 20 kiss cut chonks in this pack, a few of them collabs with sticker homies of mine!
Collabs include:
Dreyfus (hugging dog with bird pals)
Winston the Whale (Love bite)
WokeFace (holding wokeface with third eye beanie)
Dental Bonez (cowboy holding dentures)
This pack also includes tributes to my folks- the camera for my mum and the wrench for my pop.
Also included is my gang run crew! Ms.Toofache with the beanie and kitty, NotCool with the bucket hat and skates, and me with the cap, jacket, and sticker in hand.
The rest are just fun randoms!!

This pack will definitely evolve but this set will always be volume 1! Some designs may show up in Volume two and some designs will be retired after this pack. Only about 75 of these packs available.